CE250- Introduction to Sustainable Infrastructure (FALL 2018, FALL 2019, FALL 2020)

CE497/CE596/ES596- Interdisciplinary Methods for Global Environmental Health Research (SPRING 2020, SPRING 2021)

CE497/CE596- WASH in Developing Countries (SPRING 2018, FALL 2021)



Instructor, Stanford (Spring 2018) CEE 70Q: The Food, Water, Waste Nexus

Instructor, Stanford (Winter 2018) Thinking Matters 62: The Cause is Uncertain with Prof. Mark Cullen and Prof. David Rehkopf

Instructor, Stanford (Winter 2016, Fall 2017) Thinking Matters 40: Global Sustainability with Prof. P. Matson and Prof. M. Gerritsen and Prof. J. Koseff

Instructor, Stanford (Spring 2015, Spring 2016) Thinking Matters 42: Thinking Through Africa Health, Wealth and Wellbeing with Prof. J. Davis, Prof. J. Campbell, Prof. J. Ferguson

Instructor, Stanford (Spring 2016) ENGR 313: Topics in Engineering and Science Education Writing a Teaching Statement with faculty advisor Prof. S. Sheppard

Instructor, Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Program (Summer 2015) High School Course: Water, Public Health, and Engineering

Graduate Student Instructor, Stanford (Winter and Spring 2015) CEE 177X/277X: Current Topics in Sustainable Engineering with Faculty Advisor Prof. J. Davis (Note: Service learning course with international collaborations)

Graduate Student Instructor, Stanford (Spring 2014, Spring 2016) ENGR 313: Topics in Engineering and Science Education Active Learning Techniques with Faculty Advisor Prof. S. Sheppard

Guest Lecturer, Stanford (Spring, 2012- 2015)PEDS 223: Human Rights and Global Health with Prof. Bertrand Patenaude