About Our Group

The Harris group uses tools in environmental engineering and science, epidemiology, and social sciences to understand and interrupt environmentally mediated exposure to infectious agents. In particular, we examine human exposure pathways of fecal contamination carrying enteric pathogens, both from animals and from humans. We conduct field investigations all over the globe, in-collaboration with others, to study fate and transport of microbial contaminants, human perceptions, and behaviors related to the transmission of contaminants. We also conduct laboratory experiments and computational studies to provide fundamental understanding on these processes and to develop innovative data collection and analysis techniques. We seek to understand, co-design, and assess water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure and practices to protect human health, animal health, and the health of the environment.

The Harris group believes each person, currently living and those yet to come, has a right to live in a safe, healthy, and dignified environment. Where they can grow, prosper, dream, and work to achieve those dreams.

As a group, we work to address the extreme disparities in quality of life between populations. We recognize the historical legacies of past behavior shape current attitudes and beliefs and also current access to basic services, including safe drinking water and waste management strategies.

We commit to serving the underserved. To listen. To work together. To be open minded and empathetic. To understand context matters. To value diversity. To be antiracist and inclusive. To support capacity building. To connect research to action.

We will question, struggle, grow, and discover. We will work at the edge of what is known. To make the world a better place, with no one left behind.

The group values diversity and commits to giving respect to each person, no matter their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or other personal dimension. We do not tolerate discriminatory behaviors or attitudes, and actively work to confront and eliminate persistent racism, sexism, and sexual prejudice. We strive to amplify the voices of people of color and under-represented minorities through reading and citing manuscripts, co-authoring manuscripts, collaborating on proposals, inviting as guest speakers, and addressing unconscious bias in recruitment efforts and decisions. We value diversity and recognize that each person has unique background and experiences to contribute to shared goals.

We are stronger, brighter, more creative, more innovative, and more transformative TOGETHER.

Our vision

Water that gives and doesn’t take.
Sanitation that doesn’t just eliminate but creates.
Hands that play in soil but still clean.
Food, enough, and sustainably gleaned.

All this, while still keeping the trees green.
The water, plentiful, with fish that are clean.
Greenhouse gases that keep us warm,
But not greater than 2C from the norm.

And no one gets left behind this time.
This for all people, follow the new rhythm and rhyme.
Stop the preference, stop the bias that persists.
Each person deserves the basics.